Zeeshan Fareed(几桑)博士

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Zeeshan Fareed(几桑),国籍:巴基斯坦,男,198612出生,中南财经政法大学金融学博士



2015.9-2019.6  中南财经政法大学金融学院金融专业博士

2012.9-2014.9 COMSATS   巴基斯坦信息技术研究所商业硕士(金融专业)

2007.9-2011.8   巴基斯坦旁遮普大学商业本科(金融专业)

Published Papers:

Fareed, Z., Meo, M. S., Zulfiqar, B., Shahzad, F., & Wang, N. (2018). “Nexus of tourism, terrorism, and economic growth in Thailand: new evidence from asymmetric ARDL cointegration approach”. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 23:12, 1129-1141. (SSCI Impact Factor = 1.352), (JCR-Q1), (ABS-1*), (ABDC-A)

Shahzad, F., Lu, J., & Fareed, Z. (2019). Does firm life cycle impact corporate risk taking and performance? Journal of Multinational Financial Management. 51, 23-44. (SSCI Impact Factor = 1.283), (JCR-Q2), (ABS-2*), (ABDC-B)

Shah, S. G. M., Tang, M., Sarfraz, M., & Fareed, Z. (2019). The aftermath of CEO succession via hierarchical jumps on firm performance and agency cost: Evidence from Chinese firms. Applied Economics Letters, 26:21, 1-5. (SSCI Impact Factor= 0.5). (JCR-Q4), (ABS-1*), (ABDC-B)

Shahzad, F., Fareed, Z., Wang, Z., & Shah, S. G. M. (2020). Do idiosyncratic risk, market risk, and total risk matter during different firm life cycle stages? Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 537, 122550. (SCI Impact Factor= 2.50), (JCR-Q3), (ABS-2*)

Sarfraz, M., Qun, W., Shah, S. G. M., & Fareed, Z. (2019). Do Hierarchical Jumps in CEO Succession Invigorate Innovation? Evidence from Chinese Economy.  Sustainability, 11(7), 2017. (SSCI Impact Factor= 2.592), (JCR-Q2)


Fareed, Z., Wang, N., Shah, S.G.M., Shahzad, F, & Zulfiqar, B. (2018). “Does good board governance deteriorate idiosyncratic risk in Emerging markets? Evidence from China”. Presented at “Fifth Young Scholar Forum in Public Economics”, hosted by Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, Saturday November 3, 2018.

Fareed, Z., Hussain., R.I., Hussain. R.S. (2012). “Business Students’ Behavior towards Internet Use (A Case Study of University of Education, Okara)”. Presented at “1st International Conference on Management and Economics”, hosted by COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Sahiwal, Pakistan. February 11- 12, 2012.

Awards and Achievements:

Research Publication Award: 2013 COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Sahiwal, Pakistan.

PhD Scholarship Award: PhD Scholarship Award 2015 by Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC).

Email: zeeshanfareed@zjhu.edu.cn




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